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Committed to the defence of cork

Joaquim Vieira Natividade "Being involved more than anyone else in the defence of cork, we cannot turn away from the problem of its use. Work undertaken in the industrial area has been significant but such progress, from which producer countries derive the value of their cork estates, also requires research undertaken in laboratories where all potential applications of cork are being explored. We must decide to collaborate with them for the development of cork; we must avoid pseudo-success which often obscures the cork horizon; finally, we must prepare ourselves to undertake intense publicity about the advantages of cork products with the comforting certainty of contributing to the developing of our own resource, and at the same time provide an invaluable service to humanity." Joaquim Vieira Natividade, 1938, O que é a cortiça, Boletim Cortiça, n.º1. Joaquim Vieira Natividade website >