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Ranking of Recyclers

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Asociación de Disminuidos de San Vicente de Alcántara


“Reciclas corcho, reciclas vida”

The 'Reciclas corcho, reciclas vida' campaign has been implemented by the "Asociación de Disminuidos de San Vicente de Alcántara" (Adisanvi, the San Vicente de Alcántara Disabled People association).

The campaign manufactures and sells cork artisanal objects, using recycled stoppers, like nativity scenes. One of the objectives of the project is the social integration of the disabled participants.

Start date:


The project emerged because knowing about a CSR project made by the Girl Guides of Australia. AGP established a first protocol with INETI (Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Tecnologia e Inovação, who had a patent of a recycling method) and AIEC (cork industry association). The partnership didn’t operate well, and AGP looked for a new partner.


The network covers over collection points distributed in most of the bars and restaurants of the town, that are separating their cork stoppers. Other institutions are helping the project, like the Town Council, the Commonwealth of Municipalities (Mancomunidad Integral de Municipios Sierra de San Pedro), the San Vicente Cork Industrial Association (ASECOR), the enviromental consultory enterprise AMBIENTA 45 and the Joaquín Sama High School.

The Extremadura Region has given the support (8000 euros) to buy the containers (carton ones, from Cataluña) for the colect of the stopers. Contacts established with the Mancomunidad (Punto Verde section) and the Environment Extremadura General Direction for new helps, from Mars 2011... The campaign is contacting the big Extremadura shopping malls (the Cáceres Centro Comercial Vía de la Plata will organise an exposition in Mars 2011).

Very urgent need of partnership for the project logistic.


No benefit for the moment... If the project goes well, they will try to sell some part to aglomarate cork companies.


ADISANVI, created in 2001, has one person hired, 8 volunteers, and 229 members.

Adrián Tejeda Cano, 630 60 53 80, adrianteca22@gmail.com
Adrián has worked as a quality techinicien in some cork san vicente manufectures, and his wife (María Isabel Salazar) is working in Adisanvi

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