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Ranking of Recyclers

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The Recycliège® (new name for the Tire Bouchon Grouping) Grouping is formed by some charity associations all over metropolitan France (but they are not closed to the north of Spain).

The implementation of the CSR system brought about the creation of a Cork Stopper Collection Network, formed by a voluntary network, normally using 100 litres bags. The network covers over collection points distributed in many regions in France, zones covered with bars, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, Cellars, Wine producers, and others supports.


Some environmental associations are helping the project, like Amis de la Nature, or CPN (Connaître et protéger la nature). The initiative has been soon met up with AMI Association (National Association of Defense of Ill and Disabled People).

Some of the associations (100 liters = +/- 20 kg of stoppers) get the sacs from the municipalities.
Three Cork companies in France South-West are buying the stoppers. They take care of the transport, from the store points, with articulated lorries of a +/- 80 m3 base, where there is space for +/- 11 tons of stoppers. In the factory, the stoppers are verified, aired to avoid smelling and mildew, grinded and dried.
A single cork stopper is capable of fixating approximately 8 grams of carbon (twice its weight). The stoppers are used to manufacture a range of products such as floor tiles, place mats, dart and memo boards, coasters, and floor tiles. To get an agglomerate cork board of 1000x500x5 mm, they need +/- 165 stoppers.

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Help given to Social Solidarity institutions for Disabled People. There is the compromise of giving the 90% of the colect to the solidarity actions.
The companies buy for 150 euro/tonne, or 250 euros when is transported to Sooutons, the cork capital of the south west of France. The prix can be changed if some conditions (humidity, separation...) is not respected.


Jean-Charles Lassalle, recycliege@orange.fr, www.recycliegefrance.org,
The TIRE Bouchon Operation is still one of the local partners of RECYCLIEGE, developed in the Louhans Region by the Disabled Childrens Parents Association (Bresse Louhannnaise), promoting the edification of Houses for Disabled Ageing People (Michel Simonet, operationtirebouchons@laposte.net).

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